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Procolor Master Salon

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Procolor Master Salon is a unique color care system designed to take your salon color to the next level. Procolor Master Salon offers preferred salons, like our own Bella Salon & Spa, access to specialty formulated hair color enrichment products.

Procolor Master Salon, developed by Richard Hudavoni and produced by Greenway Research Lab, offers some of the most sophisticated, high–performing products available in our industry.

Greenway Research Lab

Greenway research lab

Our Lab owns a 42,000 square foot facility housing corporate offices, state-of-the-art lab, production areas and warehouse space accommodating an additional 40,000 square feet for expansion. We offer varying degrees of service, from formulating new products to modifying existing formulas; Greenway Research Lab has created over three hundred formulas for some of the industry leading players. We own several patents with customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Greenway Research Lab is the creative collaboration of Rocco Altobelli an internationally recognized innovator in hair design owning and operating 8 salons and Jim Vlasic, a nationally respected chemist specializing in personal care products. Altobelli and his team of 4 chemists, 300 hairdressers, aestheticians, nail technicians, and massage therapists create, test, refine, and retest each product until satisfied.

Altobelli and Vlasic have a combined total of over 71 years of expertise in the beauty and personal care industry.

Color Expert Richard Hudavoni was employed by Rocco Altobelli nearly 20 years. Richard Hudavoni’s mission was to develop “recognition” of an exclusive network of hair color salons. Richards superior quality, technologically advancement and master training in the art of hair, has been the program hallmark we will continue to move forward.


Richard’s past achievements and awards:

  • Top Educator of the Century – Modern Salon, and Intercoiffure USA & Canada
  • World Hair Colorist – Hair Color USA
  • Hair Colorist of the Year – American Salon Magazine
  • Hudavoni was also continuously featured within; Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Modern Salon, American Salon and Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Bella Salon & Spa

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